Whether your home office files are in chaos, or you haven't seen the top of your dining room table in months, I can assist you in setting up an organizational system that you'll want to use.

Patience and nonjudgement come naturally to me, and together we can find the perfect system for your organizing needs. The bigger the challenge, the happier I am. Don't feel embarrassed by your disorganization. Whatever your situation, chances are I've seen worse.

Together, we can clear out and organize any places where clutter accumulates:

  • Garages and Attics
  • Pantries and Cupboards
  • Closets and Master Bedrooms
  • Playrooms and Family Rooms
  • Living and Dining Rooms
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens

Noreen Cooper Heavlin • Sorting Things Out
PO Box 2846, El Granada CA 94018

Phone: 650-619-6894
Email: sortingthingsout@gmail.com
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