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“Noreen's inspired in her work. She touches objects and knows intuitively where they belong. There's a sense of order and peace in our house now that wasn't there before, and for the first time in a long time I can sit in my living room and truly relax.”

— Kate Mayer, Technical Writer

“In every area which Noreen was involved, she exceeded expectations. Noreen is self-motivated, and goes the extra mile. She is hardworking, honest, friendly, and dependable. Noreen is a true professional in every sense of the word.”

— M. Fore, School Principal

“Through working with Noreen, my house has gone from serious clutter to pleasant neatness. Her energy and good ideas, as well as her delightful personality, made it a pleasure to work with her.”

— E. Savita Eisenberg, retired Quality Software Engineer

“Noreen effectively created a new school library, including cleaning, sorting, alphabetizing, and categorizing our books. As a parent, her feedback was integral in some of our organizational changes, and as a leader of this project she demonstrated her skills as a librarian with tenacity and dedication that cannot be described. Bright, dedicated and skilled, Noreen garners my unequivocal recommendation.”

— Tanveer Alibhai, School Principal

“I first hired Noreen to organize my business. I was having problems with getting any work done at my desk when parents and students were coming and going all day at my music school. She gave me wonderful suggestions on how to place my desk and arrange my work space so that it would be a productive environment. She not only helped create a productive work space, but the process of working with her was so much fun. I really enjoyed her no-nonsense approach combined with her attention to my needs and desires, not to mention her obvious love for what she does. After two months of easily being able to keep my business organized, I decided to call her to organize my home office. I knew this would be a challenge, because it's a very small office. What I had struggled with for almost three years, she helped me completely organize in 3½ hours. And I even have extra empty spaces in my office. Even I was amazed! She clearly has the rare skills to see how to most efficiently organize a space and the personality to make it fun. I would highly recommend Noreen to anyone desiring to organize their home or workspace and keep it organized. It's a fantastic feeling!”

— Lisa Spector, Concert Pianist and Instructor

“How many people do you know who can make cleaning out a massively cluttered garage fun? Noreen can, and this is undoubtedly due to the combination of her competence in organizing, her patience while I ponder to keep or not to keep, and her easygoing personality. I can now say with honesty, I love looking in my filing drawers!”

— JHL, Ph.D, teacher

“Noreen built a proper library for us from the ground up. Within months, she had organized the materials according to our telecommunications subject catalog, set up and labeled the shelves and drawers, and developed an electronic catalog of all the materials. Noreen's performance here was outstanding; her understanding of librarianship, her intelligence and good judgment, and her enthusiasm made her an invaluable asset.”

— S. Golding, Director of Research

“Noreen was such a joy to work with. She brought an amazing amount of ideas and strategies for organizing my office. We cleared through a lot of material in a very short amount of time. For the first time, I have an office that I know how to organize and keep organized. I highly recommend her.”

— Lamon, Software Specialist

“I was one of Noreen's instructors-and her advisor-while she was obtaining her MLIS degree. She was an excellent student, hardworking and exceptionally intelligent. I feel that you will find it very difficult to find a better match for your position than Noreen.”

— L. Main, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, SJSU

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